About Us

  Our story goes back to 2002 when Katherine and I were both living in SE Portland.  It was August and I was on a trip to Wisconsin to visit family and Katherine was in NY attending a friends wedding. On our trip back, Katherine (after a missed flight in NY) and I were waiting for our connection in Chicago.  I boarded the United flight first and sat in my window seat assignment and was waiting to see who would be sitting next to me during the flight.  To my pleasant surprise, Katherine who was traveling with a friend, sat next to me. Jackpot!  We chatted the entire way back to Portland and exchanged numbers when we landed.  A few days later we went on our first official date, needless to say it went very well. Fast forward to New Years Eve of that year (I proposed, she accepted). After 3 months of dating we decided to get married, and 9 months later we did at a vineyard in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

    During the wedding planning, we also decided to start planning a business.  Both of us had a passion and desire to run our own business and that is when we decide to open Foxfire Teas.  We started off with a cafe in 2004 called Foxfire Teas (expertly designed by our good friends over at Compressed Pattern) in the Beaumont Wilshire neighborhood of NE Portland.  The cafe had 35 or so seats and we focussed mostly on tea, but we also made and served sandwiches, salads, soups, coffee, beer and wine.  In 2007 we decide to make a change and we closed the cafe to focus more on the retail and wholesale side of our business.

        After taking a few months to relax, Katherine and I dug back into tea and opened our wholesale/retail space in the Historic Ford Building in the inner SE area of Portland.  The Ford Building is historic because back in the day it was where they built and distributed Ford Model T cars. Pretty cool huh.  Now the building is filled with 60+ creative spaces for painters, photographers, graphic designers, florists, pickle makers, magazine publishers as well as Ford Food and Drink (which is a great place to drink our tea) on the corner and Gallery Homeland.  Need a custom made mens suit?, or a fancy new outfit?  You can get both of those things here in the Ford Building.  Needless to say, Katherine and I are really enjoying our time at the Ford Building.

    So, a little about our store in Portland, OR.  We have about 1000 square feet and we are open to the public.  We offer tea accessories like Forlife Teapots, mugs, ceramics, filters, etc.  We don't offer sit down service at out retail location, but we will make you a cup of tea to take with you (free with a $10 purchase). We also will happily help you stock your tea cabinet (you have a tea cabinet right) with a selection of loose leaf teas available by the ounce and up to a pound or more.  We also sell our tea to over 65 restaurants, cafes, offices, retail spaces, mobile carts, etc. that are located mostly in and around Portland. For a list of places to drink our tea, click on the DRINK OUR TEA HERE tab on the front page.  We also now have the online store as well, so you can make purchases anytime of the day or night.  We are very happy to have worked with Aaron at Drawbridge Creative during the building of this website.  If you need any graphic design work, I would encourage you to check out Drawbridge Creative.

    Katherine and I are really enjoying what we do and want to thank all of you for your continued support of our small business. There have been some slower times these past few years due to the economy, but you guys helped us get through it.  Thanks, we really appreciate it.  We hope to bring you the best tasting teas we can find for years to come.  

Tea is Fun!

Quinn and Katherine